NBI Honey Es Original 375ml
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  • NBI Honey Es Original 375ml

Nibou Honey Original is distributed by Nibou. It contain honey which can help enrich vitamin & minerals in the body. Moreover, honey has been an effective ingredients for treating sore throats, flu, cold, and indigestion.  This product is in the Honey series of 4 type of Nibou Honey.      

Nibou your trusted consumer product choices! Nibou Honey is more than just honey. We turn this common, uneventful beverage into a concentrated bottle of sweet juice with spirit and sap of the plant, hence feel free to pamper yourself to Nibou Honey Lemon whenever you feel like savouring the taste of honey lemon. Moreover, apart from honey lemon, we also had the striking Nibou Honey Lemongrass and succulent Nibou Honey Lemongrass to impress everyone. Hence, be sure to choose our new flavour Nibou Honey Peach when you want your taste bud to dive into the sugared taste of honey.

Ingredients Listing:-
Sugar and Honey. (HALAL)

What's in the box

1 X NBI Honey Es Original 375ml