NBI Dadih Soya Fruits Pudding Powder 380g
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Nibou DADIH Soya Fruits Pudding Powder 

This powder make the process of cooking pudding easily as first, boil the mixture of 3000 ml water and 400ml evaporated milk. 

Then, turning off the flame for 5 minutes while inputting the Nibou DADIH Soya Fruits Pudding Powder into the mixture and and stir it. 

Then, pour it into require moulds and leave it to form the shapes in the next 15 minutes. 

As it is best to served chill, it it recommend to put the pudding in the fridge before consuming.

Nibou DADIH pudding series is the all-time classic, everyone’s favourite soya fruits pudding dessert for Malaysians specially during high-spirited Hari Raya gathering, Malay Weddings, parties and etc.  Behold the lip-smacking sweet taste of Nibou which conquered the hearts of sons and daughters of Malaysia!    (HALAL)

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1 X NBI Dadih Soya Fruits Pudding Powder 380g